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Demokratie & Dialog

Our goal is to identify and counteract reporting that threatens democracy in the areas of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and extremist ideologies in the media. Together we strengthen democracy through dialogue. By promoting the interdisciplinary exchange of specialists. By maintaining dialogue with media professionals. By properly processing facts and figures on the topics. By working evidence-based.

Democracy needs dialogue, dialogue needs facts, facts need experts who research, classify and communicate them.​


1. want to counter anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories and extremist ideologies with facts

2. maintain a dialogue with media professionals on the topics of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and extremist ideologies

3. promote the interdisciplinary exchange of specialist experts in the subject areas

4. promote exchange with relevant national and international institutions and associations

5. support media professionals by properly preparing and making available facts and figures on the topics

6. work evidence-based

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Association for democracy and dialogue

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